Leadership Team


Brian Murray
President and CEO

Brian Murray is President and Chief Executive Officer of HarperCollins Publishers. Since being appointed CEO in 2008, Murray has led the transformation of HarperCollins from a traditional print publishing company focused only on English language publishing, to a dynamic print and digital publisher with broad expertise in foreign language publishing and more than $350M in digital revenues. Murray has led six acquisitions including Thomas Nelson and Harlequin. The acquisition of Harlequin in 2014 extended the company’s global platform and digital presence, resulting in the ability to publish in more than 30 languages and publishing operations in a dozen new countries. The Thomas Nelson acquisition in 2013 allowed for the formation of the HarperCollins Christian Publishing division, positioning HarperCollins as the leading publisher of Christian content in the world.

Murray joined HarperCollins in 1997 and held several positions in the US General Books Group until 2001, when he was named Chief Executive Officer of HarperCollins Australia/New Zealand. In 2004, he returned to the United States as Group President.

Murray serves as the Vice Chair of the Association of American Publishers and is the Executive Committee Representative to the International Publishers Association, where he is actively involved in activities that protect authors’ copyrights and freedom of expression.